The Sewing Room: Episode 15 – Measure for Measure

After all my great intentions to record podcasts regularly, life still gets in the way! I recorded this podcast in February but it’s now April before I even get the blog post up. I was aiming for a podcast every two week but at the moment I’m not even managing once a month. As I listen to the recording again to remember what I talked about, it seems wrong to be talking about Christmas when we’ve just had Easter. However, I will keep the podcast and just apologise for those things that are not quite relevant now as I hope there are many things that are still worth listening to! Continue reading

Adding length to a skirt tutorial

There are many ways to add length to a skirt and this tutorial describes one of the ones that  I love – adding a fabric band and rick-rack/lace. Whether the skirt was originally the correct length and then the child suddenly grew (they tend to do that I find!), or it was always a bit too short, adding length to the bottom can give the item a longer lease of life! Continue reading