The Sewing Room podcast: episode 8 – Designer Pairs and coverstitch

Join me as I chat about the latest Bishy Barnababes free-motion applique patterns and the Swhetty Betties Designer Pairs challenge. I explain how I’m getting on with my coverstitch and the differences between this and a sewing machine or overlocker/serger, and of course what I’ve been sewing in my Sewing Room!

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Dudley the Dinosaur FMA pattern

Prince Patrick FMA pattern

Rocket Racer FMA pattern

Shwetty Betties blog – Designer Pairs: Bishy Barnababes and Sew by Pattern Pieces

Sarah Hoggett’s blog – Me Made

Sewing Machines Direct – where I bought by coverstitch

Manlybaloo boxers – affiliate link to Sewabaloo

Deluxe Charlotte: Kids leggings and sweatpants by Laela Jeyne


4 thoughts on “The Sewing Room podcast: episode 8 – Designer Pairs and coverstitch

  1. Laurie B. says:

    Hello! You commented that gathering on knit fabrics was causing unhappiness, and that the basting thread and floss methods were simply not working out. No sadness! I know with woven fabrics there’s the hold the fabric behind the foot and let it bunch method (Sandra Betzina’s favorite as she teaches). But for knits? I googled this and found a method using clear elastic (with a Teflon foot installed). It’s on the “Colette” blog founded by Sarai Mitnick, and she has a tutorial: . You might want to take a look. Another option is using elastic thread in the bobbin (interesting), by Megan Nielsen in her “Design Diary” quick tips page: . Last but not least, I found the Indiesew website by Allie, and she has a tutorial on this also: With so many cute things to make, hopefully one of these tutorials will take fear and dread from gathering knits.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I’ve found using clear elastic tricky – the ballpoint needle used for knits didn’t want to puncture the elastic. However, I’ve never tried using a teflon foot (must get one!) and there may be others tips in the links you gave. I look forward to reading them all and learning more. Thanks again!

  2. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    I’ve always found it much easier to gather any fabric on my serger (do you have a serger?) setting the differential feed to 2 – I know you own a coverstitch machine – I wonder if you could try the same. If the fabric isn’t too heavy you can also use a gather foot on your machine with the “ease plus” method mentioned by Laurie above.

    • Vicki says:

      I do have a serger. I tried to gather with when I first got it but wasn’t very successful. I also have a gathering foot. I think when I’ve needed to gather I’ve been too impatient to get the job done so after it not working instantly I’ve gone back to methods I know work. Perhaps I need to just experiment and get used to using the serger when I’m not in the middle of a project!

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