Adding length to a skirt tutorial

There are many ways to add length to a skirt and this tutorial describes one of the ones that  I love – adding a fabric band and rick-rack/lace. Whether the skirt was originally the correct length and then the child suddenly grew (they tend to do that I find!), or it was always a bit too short, adding length to the bottom can give the item a longer lease of life!

This tutorial works for any skirt, or dress, that has parallel sides (rather than circle or A-line skirts with curved hems). If you made the original clothing yourself, you may still have some of the fabric lying around that you could use (this is what I have used in the tutorial) or alternatively you could select a coordinating fabric. You will need enough fabric and trim to go all the way around the bottom of the skirt, plus a bit extra for the seam allowances.

lengthening skirt tutorial 1


1. Try on the skirt and measure how much longer you would like it to be. I decided here that I wanted an extra 3″.

lengthening skirt tutorial 2

2. Grab a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line for the bottom of the skirt. Measure down the length you want to add and then draw another horizontal line.

lengthening skirt tutorial 3

3. Lay the trim that you wish to use across the skirt line so that just the top of the trim (where you want to sew) overlaps the line.

lengthening skirt tutorial 4

4. Draw a line just under the bottom of the trim to show where the top of the extra fabric will start. The trim will overlap where it will be stitched.

lengthening skirt tutorial 5

5. Measure the height of the extra fabric. Here it is 2 1/2″. This fabric will need hemming at the top and bottom. The original skirt used 3/4″ for the hems so I kept these hems the same. I added 2 x 3/4″ (for the top and bottom hem) to the 2 1/2″ to get 4″.

lengthening skirt tutorial 6

6. Measure the bottom of the skirt. The skirt I used has one back seam. I layed it flat, measured across and doubled the amount. This skirt only has one seam so I added 3/4″ (3/8″ for each end). If the original skirt has a seam on each side you will need two strips of fabric rather than one continuous band and add extra for all the seam allowances.

lengthening skirt tutorial 7

7. Cut a strip of fabric the height calculated in step 5 and the width in step 6 (or two strips if needing 2 seams).

lengthening skirt tutorial 8

8. Join the pieces together to make a circular band, using the same seam allowances as the original skirt. Finish the edges using the same method as the skirt (here I zig-zagged them).

lengthening skirt tutorial 9

9. Stitch a hem at the top of the band (use the allowance calculated in step 5).

lengthening skirt tutorial 10

10. Repeat for the bottom of the band.

lengthening skirt tutorial 10a

11. Press (iron) the hems etc.

lengthening skirt tutorial 11

12. Place the rick-rack so that 1″ is to the left of the seam and pin about 1 1/2″ to the right of the seam.

lengthening skirt tutorial 12

13. Stitch the rick-rack to band, starting at the pin. Stitch near the edge of the fabric so that just the end curves of the rick-rack are attached.

lengthening skirt tutorial 13

14. Continue stitching, stopping about 1 1/2″ before the seam.

lengthening skirt tutorial 14

15. Trim the ends of the rick-rack so that they overlap by about 1″.

lengthening skirt tutorial 15

16. Lay the rick-rack ends where they would be attached to the band and pin together (do not pin to the band).

lengthening skirt tutorial 16

17. Carefully pull the pinned rick-rack away from the band and put under the sewing machine foot. Lower the foot and remove the pin. Zig-zag stitch over the join several times to secure the pieces together.

lengthening skirt tutorial 17

lengthening skirt tutorial 18

18. Trim off the excess rick-rack from each end, taking care not to cut the stitching.

lengthening skirt tutorial 19

19. Stitch down the rest of the rick-rack onto the band.

lengthening skirt tutorial 20

20 . Stitch the other side of the rick-rack onto the bottom of the skirt, lining up the seams. It is easier to start stitching a little way away from the join.

lengthening skirt tutorial 21

21. It is finished!

lengthening skirt tutorial 22

adding length to a skirt by Bishy Barnababes





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  1. Colette Aarons says:

    Hope your busy life is going well. I miss the updates on your podcast. Did you get your house sold? Has school started for your little one.
    I am a quilter/ dental hygienist/ mom / grandma.
    Just wanted you to know that I miss hearing you .

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately our house has still not sold, although the viewings are picking up now that September is here – the downside to this is that I have to keep my sewing room tidy all the time! It has been so hard to find time to podcast with a littlie at home all the time over the summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get another one done soon as I miss it too!

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