Felt Play Pasta Tutorial

Making felt play food, like this pasta, is so quick and easy and children just love playing with them. Use different coloured felt to replicate regular, spinach or tomato farfalle pasta.


  1. Cut a strip of felt 1 1/2″ wide.

felt pasta tutorial 1

2.  Mark the felt every 2″.

felt pasta tutorial 2

3. Use pinking shears to cut close to the end of the strip and then across at the marks.

felt pasta tutorial 3

4. Each rectangle will have two straight edges and two pinked edges.

felt pasta tutorial 4

5. Fold the two straight edges together.

felt pasta tutorial 5

6. Fold each of the straight edges down to the fold, to make an M shape.

felt pasta tutorial 6

7. Stitch through the centre, wrapping the thread around the outside between stitches.

felt pasta tutorial 7

8. The pasta is finished!

felt pasta tutorial 8

9. Continue making lots more and give them to a child to enjoy playing with!

felt pasta tutorial 10a



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