Opening my new machines!

Sorry it’s taken so long to add the video of me opening my new sewing machine, the Janome DKS100, and new coverstitch, the Janome Coverpro 2000CPX, that I talked about in the last podcast.

It’s not the best video of me (most of the time my head is chopped off!) but it does show my excitement, the machines and all the bits that came with them (some of which I was completely clueless about).

I’ve now had a chance to use my new machine and am loving it, unfortunately I’ve had less time to play with my coverstitch. The best new feature of the sewing machine is pressing a button and having the threads cut – such a time saver when doing free-machine appliqué!

2 thoughts on “Opening my new machines!

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    Ha! I found your video after all 🙂 Brilliant – such excitement 🙂 I got a new Elna for my anniversary last month and was so excited about it – nervous too! I had an Elna Excellence 740 – this new one is the brand new Elna Excellence 780 (identical to the Janome M9400). I’m sure you’ll love working with both of these machines. I have a coverstitch as well (Babylock) and have tried all sorts of fun things with it – using sparkly Wooly Nylon in the looper to make lapped seams (the “bottom” of the stitch showing on top) – there are so many decorative things you can do with the Coverstitch. Whenever I’m speaking with someone who has one tucked away in the closet (never using it because it ONLY hems!) I’m amazed. Thank you again for putting so much work into sharing your sewing excitement and inspiration.

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