Ballerina Briony Free-Motion Appliqué – latest pattern release

Free-motion appliqué, or FMA, is a great way to add fun, unique details to hand-made or ready-to-wear items that children will love.

Ballerina Briony Ballerina Briony is the first to be released with many more designs in the pipeline, including designs for boys. Ballerina Briony can be added with her head to be a complete dancer, or without a head so that the child is the ballerina. I have been wanting to make headless appliqués as they are so fun for the children to wear – and, speaking from experience, much more practical to wear to the park than dressing up clothes! Briony, my daughter, loves to do ballet around the house, and other places too, even though she only did a few weeks of class last summer (something went wrong and she refused to go back). She loves getting to be the ballerina and I love making something unique for her.

The pattern comes in 3 sizes, with additional instructions on how to use the ‘custom scale’ print setting to customize to other sizes.

Ballerina Briony I learnt to free-motion sew back in 2000 when I was shown how to free-motion quilt. It’s great fun, like drawing on the fabric with thread. At the time, I saw some amazing quilts at a quilt exhibition that had lots of free-motion quilting on them – including words and phrases. I went home and became hooked! I haven’t made quilts in what seems like ages – I still have the blocks made for my daughter’s baby quilt that I haven’t even put together (she’s now 4!) – but was excited to learn that I could use free-motion sewing to appliqué instead. If you haven’t tried it, I would definitely give it a go. An 11 page detailed tutorial is included with each pattern and will teach you all you need to know to get free-motion appliquéing. As one of my testers for Ballerina Briony, who had never FMAed before, said ‘I’ve seen FMA before but have been too intimidated to try it. Your instructions were great and it turned out to be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to do more!’. I will be looking for testers soon for new designs, so make sure you’ve joined the Bishy Barnababes Patterns Facebook group to see the tester call.

Use coupon code BALLERINA to get 20% off until Sunday 15th May.

Ballerina Briony Ballerina Briony


Comment and let me know what designs would you like to see added to the range?

If I choose your idea, you’ll get the pattern free!


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